Table of contents

What this guide is

Getting tech skills is not straightforward. Tech (information technology) in general is a relatively young industry so it’s sometimes difficult for people to navigate all the mesh of concepts in it.

This guide will help you get curious about tech enough for you to do your findings and learn and ultimately get value from it.

The guide is broken into different steps, each step progressively builds on the previous to help solidify things you learn. After some months, you will have gained enough knowledge that you may no longer need this guide.

Who wrote this guide?

I am Emmanuel Awotunde. I’m a software engineer who has sort of been navigating this tech thing since 2015 so I have a bit of experience. I wrote this guide as a sort of one-size-fits-all answer to the question I get very often: ‘How do I join tech?’. I frankly cannot remember or replay how tech was for me back in 2015 but I made this guide into something I’d likely advise myself back in the day.

Of course, this guide isn’t perfect so this will be a living guide (meaning I’d update as I learn more things and get feedback). If you’d like to reach out to me for questions or contribute to this guide, I’m reachable at [email protected].

Shamelessly plugging my podcast here: But for real, it’s a really nice place to learn about tech during an evening walk.

How to use this guide

This is not a regular article or guide that you can read once and move on, well you can do that but you’re likely not going to benefit much from doing so. You’ll have to read the guide gradually and you’d need to come back time after time to track your progress through the weeks/months/years.

There is a lot of information in this guide and it may feel overwhelming. One way to reduce this feeling is by reading the guide in small bits so that you have time to expand on the different areas and concepts that the guide will introduce to you. You should not try to read the whole thing at once. You can take a glance at it but don’t attempt to digest everything at once, it might discourage you.

Step 1

⏱ About a week or two

You want to satisfy your most urgent curiosity. You have to be furiously aggressive if you really want to get your questions answered. The questions here are for you to do your own research and find out stuff. You should have more questions but the questions will give you a starting point. I have put links and some answers to the questions but you can go further to find more things online. In researching and finding answers to these questions, you get to learn other things on the way.